Columnist: Cry no tears for Welker

Opinion on Wes Welker's contract situation with the Patriots has been wide-ranging.

Some feel he has been wronged by the Patriots. Others see both sides sharing responsibility for the stalemate. And some are reminding their readers that Welker is hardly a "victim" here.

Providence Journal columnist Jim Donaldson falls into the final category. In a piece that is accompanied by the headline "Cry no tears for Welker", Donaldson writes:

It’s not as if Welker has gotten a raw deal.

He won’t exactly be playing for chump change this season.

Really, now, how much sympathy does a guy deserve who’s playing for the average salary of the top five players at his position?

But, if you’re a Patriots fan, you probably feel just a bit badly for Welker.

And that’s understandable.

Because you have to love the guy.

How could you not, after what he’s done in his five seasons in New England?

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