Patriots season ticket lineup

The Patriots have sent out their season tickets this week, and as usual, it is a neat design. An action photo of an individual player is on the front of each season ticket, and behind the photo is a reflection of that action shot.

Thanks to longtime Patriots fan @alex_squared, who has been attending games since 1977, here is this year's lineup:

Saints (preseason): Patrick Chung (right hand extended in front of him)

Eagles (preseason): Matthew Slater (set as a gunner on special teams)

Cardinals: Troy Brown (this year's Patriots Hall of Fame inductee)

Broncos: Tom Brady (throwing the football)

Jets: Jerod Mayo (flexing his muscles)

Bills: Logan Mankins (set in his stance on the line)

Colts: Aaron Hernandez (running after the catch)

Texans: Devin McCourty (holding the football after an INT)

49ers: Rob Gronkowski (a big spike after a TD)

Dolphins: Vince Wilfork (in a three-point stance)

On the front of the season-ticket packet is the slogan, "Be Here, Be Heard." Season-ticket holders also received a lanyard and "fan's guide."