WR/PR Edelman on solid footing

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – With a stocked depth chart at receiver, some followers have wondered where four-year veteran Julian Edelman might fit on the roster. Some went as far to ask the question: Might he be expendable?

Edelman, one of the team’s 10 offseason award winners, has looked sharp through the first four days of camp.

He’s been a primary punt returner, which is the role he held for the team in the 2010 and 2011 regular-seasons. He’s also shown reliable hands as a receiver, in addition to quickness in tackling drills, avoiding a would-be defender.

Considering he has also been lining up on the kickoff coverage unit, Edelman’s multiple roles should earn him a spot on the team, even if that’s not the way he views it.

"Confident but never comfortable," he said, when asked Sunday about his confidence level. "We're building confidence out here in practice, that's what you do out here. Execution prep becomes game reality."

Edelman has looked explosive on punt returns, describing the job in unique terms.

“You can study the scheme in terms of how we’re going to block the defenders, but football is football, there is always going to be a guy there. It’s like NASCAR – you see smoke, put the pedal to the metal and find a lane and go,” he said.

Edelman knows what it’s like being in the fast lane. He has two career punt returns for touchdowns, one for 94 yards (in 2010) and one for 72 yards (in 2011).