Writer: Pats-Pack a Super choice

Denver Post reporter Mike Klis, who covers the Broncos and the NFL, looks into his crystal football and projects some surprises and disappointments for the 2012 season.

He also makes a Super Bowl pick.

Take any NFL defense you want.

Arian Foster and all the running backs, Larry Fitzgerald and every wide receiver — they're yours. I'll throw in all the blockers, tacklers and kickers.

When it comes to looking ahead to a new NFL season, all I need is the head coach and quarterback. And I can figure it out from there.

As part of his surprises, Klis thinks the Jets/Tim Tebow pairing has a real chance of working.

But in the end, Klis goes with the Patriots vs. Packers in the Super Bowl.

Belichick is the NFL's best coach and Brady is a top-five quarterback. Rodgers is the league's best quarterback and McCarthy is a top-five coach.

These teams are a bit soft on defense. But they're not the Bears.

The Pats and Pack should meet in Super Bowl XLVII at the Louisiana Superdome.

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