Bills built to stop Patriots?

In a piece now posted on CBSSports.com, senior NFL columnist Clark Judge writes on the Buffalo Bills. In doing so, the story has a heavy Patriots focus.

If you play in the AFC East, you have one objective, and that's to catch New England. Somehow, some way, you must line up a team, devise a strategy, produce a formula ... something ... that makes you competitive with the perennial division champions.

And Buffalo just did.

Now let's get something straight: I'm not saying the Bills are going to the top of the AFC East, because they're not. New England is. But the Bills could be headed to the playoffs for the first time since 1999 because they're built to defend ... and, yes, overcome ... the mighty Patriots, a club that's defeated them 18 of 20 times when Tom Brady is throwing the football.

A few quotes of note in the piece:

From general manager Buddy Nix, "We've got to beat New England. That's the M.O. There's no use in lying about it. I used to say, 'We don't pay attention to what other people do,' but we pay attention to who's winning. And I admire what New England has done. They're at the top of the heap, and that's where we want to go."

From defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt, "The Patriots are the team we're all chasing. That's obvious. With the philosophy that we're going to use, I see the whole blitz-zone, the zone-dog stuff, and I don't know how many quarterbacks are getting fooled anymore. I'm watching tape, and I'm not so sure the way to go isn't being able to make the quarterback get the ball out of his hands quick and put steady pressure on him. ... I remember sitting there watching the Super Bowl, and I'm watching the Giants. I don't know how many times they sacked Brady, but I do know the ball was coming out fast."

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