Teams gather for Reid prayer

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- At the conclusion of Tuesday's joint practice with the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints, players from both teams gathered together, many kneeling on one knee.

First, veteran Saints kicker John Kasay (22nd year in the NFL) shared a few words. Then, Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater spoke.

After the remarks, players bowed their heads in prayer.

"It was praying for the Reid family," relayed Saints safety Roman Harper, in reference to Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid mourning the death of his 29-year-old son, Garrett.

Harper also shared another part of the message.

"It was also letting guys know how we truly are blessed to come out here and play football, no matter how hot it is, and how sore you are. To have the opportunity to try to win a job in the NFL, not everyone gets that opportunity," he said.

"Just be happy and be blessed, and understand that you are truly in an amazing position to be where you are right now. Don't take anything for granted."