Players provide scouting report

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In defensive end Chandler Jones and tight end Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots appear to have a pair of players who will contribute to a core young nucleus of the talent that the team continues to develop.

Each has dazzled during training camp, with Jones making plays both as a pass rusher and run defender, and Hernandez wreaking havoc on opposing defenders.

Two players who know Jones and Hernandez well offered up their insights on what makes each such a good player.

Defensive end Rob Ninkovich on Jones: "I think he’s had some good coaching while he was young. He obviously has the technique and things that you need at this level, cause you can't just get by off of speed and size, you’ve gotta have obviously a set of skills that you use that you’ve learned over the years. I think that he works his hands well, he’s got obviously length that is God given, and he’s able to use that to his advantage.”

Tight end Rob Gronkowski on Hernandez: “You always see a lot from him, he’s very versatile. He’s a great athlete who can play basically anywhere they ask him to. It’s great playing with him, you learn so much from his quickness, from his bursts, how he gets open and just seeing the same old Aaron you have the last two years – just a very good player."