Leftovers from Ty Law visit

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Offering some leftover soundbites from former cornerback Ty Law's visit to Patriots training camp on Friday:

Overall thoughts on team. "I think they're going to be pretty good. They're going to pick up not where they left off losing a Super Bowl, but they're going to be in a strong position to make another run. I think that if they solidified the defense, which they have addressed, the offense is going to be what the offense is going to be, I think they're going to make a strong run for the Super Bowl again."

On how rules have changed cornerback play. "It's pretty difficult. I know I probably would have led the league in pass interference if I was still playing. It has changed; it's more difficult. The audience, they want the offense. They want to see a lot of points scored, and it's making it pretty tough. So if you're a good defensive back that you can play within these set of rules, that means you're pretty good and you're in high demand. I don't necessarily like the way the game is changing, because of the lack of respect they have for a defensive back. But it is what it is. You just have to abide by the rules and play the best way that you can. These 4,000- or 5,000-yard passers year in and year out, you never would have seen that when I was playing."

On comparisons to current Patriots cornerbacks. "I see some similarities in (Kyle) Arrington. Not just the number, but his size, the way he approaches the game. He's eager to learn. He's the type of guy who will ask questions: 'What do you think?' That's big, because no one's ever too big for yourself. I used to call Rod Woodson and Deion Sanders when I was playing and I was at the top of my game, just to try to see what they did to this guy, what do you think of this guy, and I think that's the mark of someone wanting to get better. Just because you made it, that doesn't mean you know everything. I like his approach to the game, that he is physical. All those guys are pretty physical, but as far as the most similar to myself, I look at Arrington. (Devin) McCourty, athleticism-wise is more athletic than I was. Once he gets the mental part of the game down, he's going to be someone to be reckoned with for a long time."

On indoor trampoline park Law is developing. "I'm doing Launch. It's an indoor trampoline park. It's wall-to-wall trampolines for adults and kids of all ages. We have an arcade, a cafe, free WiFi for the adults. We'll eventually be doing beer and wine for the adults. Workout classes on the trampoline in the morning. Starting off first store in Warwick, Rhode Island. Bald Hill Rd. on Route 2. The old Sports Authority. That's my building now. We'll be coming six months later to Massachusetts."