Checking in with Brandon Lloyd

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- On Friday, receiver Brandon Lloyd was part of an offensive troika -- which also featured quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski -- that worked on a practice field separate from the rest of the team for a substantial portion of practice.

It's not clear why the group work took place (it is worth noting that Brady has worked extensively with both Lloyd and Gronkowski on an individual basis before, during and after practice during camp), but it could be an indication that this group won't see extensive live reps on Monday night against the Eagles.

Regardless of the reason, Lloyd indicated that it was something that both he and Brady were interested in doing prior to the practice.

"That's something that we discussed that we wanted to do during the day today, and we went to work on that," he said.

The session involved extensive route running, including work near the goal line and in the red zone. Lloyd says that the extra work not only helps from a physical standpoint, but a mental standpoint too.

"You know, you get late in possessions and get to that eighth, ninth, 10th play and are still expected to function with that same brain capacity as you did the first play of the series," he continued. "It's good physical training and it's good mental training."

Lloyd's physical skills have made an impression during training camp, as his crisp route running, explosiveness down the field and dependable hands suggest that he'll be an important part of the Patriots' offensive attack. He's quickly learned that in order to execute and be productive in this offense, he must be sharp not only physically, but mentally too.

"It takes every ounce of concentration and physical preparation and mental preparation to be able to function in this offense," Lloyd said. "They have a championship pedigree and I'm doing my best to get up to speed and be able to execute."

Though he was held without a catch in the Patriots' preseason opener (he did haul in one pass that was negated by a holding penalty), he seems to have comfortably transitioned into his new offensive system already.