Jonathan Kraft talks Fanene release

TAMPA -- In his weekly appearance on the 98.5 The Sports Hub pre-game show, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft went into some detail on the team's surprising release of defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene.

In jotting down some notes on Kraft's remarks, here is a summary as I heard it:

1. Kraft talked about how when the Patriots sign a player, the player is asked to answer a variety of questions similar to what a patient going to the doctor's office would answer on an initial visit. Questions include what medications are being taken etc., and the purpose in doing that is that some things don't come up in a physical. The idea is to disclose everything about one's physical condition, and after the player signs it, it becomes a legal document.

2. Kraft said if all information is not disclosed, and then something leads to the player not being able to perform, it's a situation where it's probably best to part ways.

3. Kraft discussed how the NFL created the new designation "failure to disclose physical condition" and said this situation falls into that category.

4. Kraft said there are situations when a player comes to a team and gets injured doing his job, and that's part of the business so a team must see its obligation through. But if a team feels a player has not been up front with all medical information, it falls into a different category.

5. Kraft discussed a level of implied trust and honesty that is part of any NFL transaction. The idea is that with player safety in mind, a team needs full disclosure so it can properly treat the player -- physically or mentally

6. Kraft told a story from a past season in which a player was taking medications and it wasn't disclosed, which led to a suspension. Had the team been informed by the player that he was taking the medication, the team could have better treated the player. The assumption was that the suspension could have also been avoided.