Sharing Patriots podcast outline

Passing along the outline of the first Patriots podcast of the season, with Tedy Bruschi:

1. Introduction

- Impressions of Patriots in preseason

- Super Bowl picks

- Top NFL storyline for 2012: Young QBs emerge

- Impact of replacement officials

2. Patriots-Titans breakdown

- QB Jake Locker and athleticism

- RB Chris Johnson the key target

- Titans DE Kamerion Wimbley vs. Patriots LT Nate Solder a big matchup

- Tough test for rookie DE Chandler Jones against Titans LT Michael Roos

3. Twitter questions

- @JPFly6767: What will be toughest adjustment for Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower

- @sulli1993: What signs, other than yards/points allowed, can we look for to see a defense is improving

- @decadofdominanc: Which of Bill Belichick's cuts stood out most

- @WAD1980: If you were in Patriots' locker room, how would you feel about Brian Waters

- @AvkarSiv: What is the x-factor on the Patriots' defense that opponents must plan around

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.