Bruschi: Pats, Titans on edge

In his weekly "Bruschi's Breakdown," which previews the Patriots' upcoming game for ESPNBoston.com, Tedy Bruschi explains why the edge is the place to watch in Sunday's season opener at Tennessee.

"There are three goals that Coach Belichick usually gives to the offense, defense and special teams. When you have a runner like [Chris] Johnson, it's always 'set the edge.' In this case, it's not just 'set the edge' but also 'keep the edge.' As you set the edge in the running game on that tight end or offensive tackle, and the running back sees it and has to cut it back, if you peek inside, Johnson is the type of player who will go back outside, or the back door. The whole field has to be defended against a player like that."

This puts added pressure on projected Patriots starting ends Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich. As for Jones, the team's top draft choice, Bruschi has been impressed.

"What I was impressed with in the preseason was that it didn't look like he was feeling anything out. Rushing the passer, setting the edge on those offensive tackles, it all was aggressive and fast. If he was going to make a mistake, it was going to be overcome from effort and his physicality. He didn't look like he was putting his toe in the water; he was diving in and going full speed and seeing what happens. That can be a good attitude to have. I think they'll attack him to see what he really has. He has the ability, but he's still young. You always want to test a rookie early in the season. I think that's something to watch early."

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