Taylor's wild ride on NFL fringe

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It's been a wild ride recently for Patriots wide receiver Kerry Taylor, who was added to the team's practice squad in time for Wednesday afternoon's practice.

Taylor, who spent 11 days with the Patriots on their practice squad in 2011, was reclaimed on waivers by the team on Aug. 27 this year after being let go by the Minnesota Vikings. Just four days later, Taylor was once again released as part of the final roster cuts at the conclusion of the preseason.

He was not one of the initial members of the Patriots' practice squad, as the team instead opted to sign receiver Sam Kirkland, who had been in camp with the Redskins. But it was only a few days of unemployment before Taylor received a phone call from the team with an interest in bringing him back to the practice squad, a move that was made possible by the release of Kirkland.

Taylor wasn't entirely surprised when the Patriots called him for another opportunity to be a part of the franchise.

"It's a team that's always showed interest in me, so coming back here is always a place I wanted to be. A place where I felt like I fit well into this system and what they do offensively here," he said. "I was just pretty happy with having another chance."

The unpredictable ride he's experienced in the past two weeks is a microcosm of Taylor's first year-plus in the NFL, during which he's played for four different teams, including stints on the Vikings' and 49ers' practice squads as well.

It's served as a lesson to Taylor to be ready for anything in the NFL.

"You just roll with what life gives you," he said. "At this point, I've had a crazy ride this last year. Nothing's ever too surprising, but I was just excited when I got the call [from the Patriots]."

Taylor had retreated back to his home in Arizona after the recent release from New England, with a pit stop in Minnesota to gather his belongings from his time with the Vikings along the way. It was a brief stay in Arizona, as the Patriots called him almost immediately after he had arrived at his home.

For now, as Taylor works to settle in with the Patriots, he's focused on learning the offensive system and playing whatever role the team asks of him.

"I can fit well in different positions and I'm a pretty quick learner, and see how it's a complicated system and figure it out pretty well. And just whatever they need me to do, I can fit wherever," he said.