Gronkowski brushes off botched spike

NASHVILLE -- Last season, Patriots tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were able to execute well enough to combine for 25 touchdowns, earning both players long-term contract extensions this summer.

On Sunday, both players continued where they left off, with each making a touchdown grab in New England's 34-13 win over the Titans. But when it came to their signature touchdown celebrations, both players were lacking in execution.

After his 2-yard touchdown grab late in the second quarter, Gronkowski cocked back to spike his pigskin prize, but as if he were a rookie at spiking footballs, the ball slipped right out of his hand.

"It slipped out," Gronkowski said with a smile. "I wasn't going to go grab it. I played it off pretty well."

Meanwhile, his teammate Hernandez opted for a polite bow -- perhaps as a sign of respect for released receiver Deion Branch -- in favor of his usual "making it rain" celebration.

"It wasn't good enough to make it rain," Hernandez shrugged.