Brady talks nose, Mankins, more on WEEI

Appearing on the "Dennis & Callahan" show on Boston sports radio WEEI on Monday morning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reaffirmed that his nose -- which was heavily bandaged after yesterday's 34-13 win against Tennessee -- is fine.

Brady was not able to offer to any more insight into whether his nose is broken, but added, "It doesn't look pretty, but it probably looks worse than it feels."

The quarterback joked that a "scratched nose" wouldn't be enough to keep him out of the game considering the fact that offensive guard Logan Mankins played the 2011 season with a torn ACL.

"You talk about mind over matter, and love and mental toughness that goes into playing game, and certainly he's the guy that sets the tone for the whole offense, and that entire offensive line group, they never complain," Brady said of Mankins. "And they just keep going out to battle, and you've got a guy like Logan who's got an injury that every single other person that I've ever known misses the year, and he has a Pro Bowl season. His toughness, his attitude, what he brings to our team in terms of his work ethic and his attitude is really unmatched. It's really a great example for all the guys on our team, both the young guys and the veterans, your commitment to the team, and really it takes precedent over what you may feel on a daily basis. He's as tough as they come."

When asked whether Mankins was the toughest player Brady has ever played with, the quarterback noted that "he's right at the top of the list," while also mentioning former Patriots offensive linemen Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Stephen Neal, linebacker Tedy Bruschi, safety Rodney Harrison, and current teammate Vince Wilfork.

Other Brady soundbites from the interview:

On his favorite offensive weapon. "That's impossible -- I got so much confidence in all those guys. I think the thing that's been fun is everyone is willing to put the work in. Nobody works harder than Wes [Welker]. What he commits on a daily basis is so impressive, and talk about a leader for the team. Between his work ethic, what he does, it's really second to none. And then you have Rob [Gronkowski] and Aaron [Hernandez], who have done so much in a short period of time, and they both love the game. Brandon [Lloyd] has done everything the coaches have asked him to do. The way Stevan's [Ridley] worked, the way Julian Edelman has worked to put himself in a position where really he battled in training camp against three receivers in Donte' [Stallworth], Jabar [Gaffney] and Deion [Branch], who aren't on the roster at this time, but the competitiveness that he showed. I have so much confidence in the guys that I'm out there with, really it's a matter of me just finding the matchup and throwing the ball to the right place. It's not really like pick a guy out and throw it to him. It's, let see what the defense is giving us and try to get the ball to that guy."

On the missed opportunity for a touchdown when Brandon Lloyd dropped a pass. "I'm pretty confident we won't miss another one of those all season. It was a great play call, they really sold the reverse that we ran to Wes, and we just didnt connect. At the end of the day, we got to connect, that's the point. And in close games we're not going to be able to miss those, but I would be hard pressed to think that we're going to miss another one of those."

On offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. "He has such a great feel for the defense and what they're doing, and the rhythm of the game and our players and who he wants to get involved in a particular play. He's awesome, he does a great job. I have so much confidence in him, we know each other so well, we've known each other for 12 years. I thought there were some things going into the game, some keys, the things to look for that are really second to none from what he's calling or what he's preparing me to do, and I really cant say enough about him and really his commitment to our team also. He expects perfection from us and he's disappointed when we don't do that, whether it's in a walk-through, in a practice, and certainly in a game. But he's got tremendous poise, I feel like he's always a step ahead of the defense. It was a fun day yesterday getting off to a good start."