Brady & the shotgun tracker

In establishing solid offensive balance in their season-opening win over the Titans, the Patriots went away from the shotgun, which has been a staple of their attack in recent years.

Of 67 offensive snaps (including penalties), quarterback Tom Brady was in the 'gun just 13 times. With Brady playing more under center and the Patriots finding some early success on the ground, the Titans were forced to respect that aspect of the game. It also set the Patriots up for effective play-action opportunities.

Every play out of the shotgun was a pass and here was the breakdown in production:

First half

3-for-4 for 19 yards, sack

Second half

4-for-8 for 39 yards

If the Patriots attempt to achieve the same type of balance in weeks to come, it makes sense to think Brady will continue to see more time under center. The Patriots have been close to the league leaders in shotgun plays in recent years and this is an area that will be interesting to monitor in the weeks to come.