Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi is now posted on ESPNBoston.com (it can be heard HERE). The following is an outline of the discussion:

Opening segment

1. What happened in the home-opening loss to the Cardinals?

2. Late-game management questions for the Patriots.

3. Wes Welker's snaps being limited and what it all means.

4. Replacement referees remain a big story in the NFL.

Patriots-Ravens preview

1. Ravens with a new look on offense -- no-huddle to contend with for Patriots.

2. Dennis Pitta a name to remember.

3. Ray Lewis drops weight, still a force.

4. Special teams concerns for Patriots.

Answering twitter questions

1. @patriotbomber -- When do you start seeing mental toughness in a team? Does it get affected after a tough loss?

2. @BDunphyCulp -- How overblown is this Wes Welker situation in your view?

3. @PatsPropaganda -- How differently is this defense constructed and played compared to the dynasty D?

4. @JPFly6767 -- Why did you think the Patriots got away from Ridley later in the game? It seemed to be working well.

5. @SeanEley -- What type of impact do you think Winslow could have on this offense?

6. @tstorm81 --When a player makes a mistake that potentially loses the game, how do you react?

@CaptainComeback -- We haven't seen Brandon Lloyd take the top off a defense. Why?