How predictable are the Patriots?

ESPN's Doug Clawson looks into the claim that the Patriots were tipping play calls with Tom Brady in the shotgun.

Is stopping Tom Brady as simple as seeing if he’s in the shotgun? That’s what Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton told Arizona Sports 620.

The Cardinals stifled the New England Patriots in a 20-18 win in Week 2. For Brady, it marked just his second loss at home in 37 regular-season games.

According to Horton, the Cardinals’ staff picked up on the Patriots' offensive tendencies, especially after Aaron Hernandez left the game with an injury. Specifically, Arizona looked at Brady’s positioning to determine if the Patriots would pass or run.

So, was Horton correct? After Hernandez was injured with 7:03 left in the first quarter, the Patriots called a pass play on 37 of 46 snaps (80.4 percent) with Brady in shotgun. When Brady was under center, the Patriots called a run on 18 of 29 snaps (62.1 percent).

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