Brady: Had a chance to win it

BALTIMORE -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady liked the team's offensive approach in Sunday night's 31-30 loss to the Ravens, just not the way the unit finished.

The Patriots had an opportunity to run out the clock, but couldn't convert, giving the Ravens a chance for their final drive that produced a game-ending field goal.

"We had a chance to win it," Brady said. "We just don't play well when we need to. Certainly, we've got to play our best when it means the most and we need to start winning close games."

The Patriots favored an up-tempo approach on offense, and the early results were solid.

"I thought it put a lot of pressure on those guys. I don't think they fooled us very much with their different looks," said Brady, who finished 28 of 41 for 335 yards, with one touchdown, and directed an effective two-minute drive at the end of the second quarter. "They just played well when they needed to, especially in the red area."

Brady commended the work of receiver Wes Welker, reiterating that he's a big part of the team's offense. But overall, Brady left disappointed after the offense scored just three points in the fourth quarter.

"We just didn't move the ball consistently enough to score points, score touchdowns," he said. "They're a good defense, they play well at home, and we just didn't realy take advantage of our opportunities."