McDaniels offers Ravens post-mortem

Before the chaos of the final minute of Sunday night's game in Baltimore, the Patriots offense had a chance to close out the game with four minutes remaining, but failed to stay on the field.

On his Tuesday conference call, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels summarized the drive bluntly.

"We didn't do enough offensively to end the game with the ball there at the end," he said. "We need to improve in that situation."

Some fans have grumbled about offensive play-calling in New England's last two games, both losses. McDaniels was asked if he regrets calling one particular play from Sunday night's game: a direct snap to Danny Woodhead, who handed off to Julian Edelman for a loss of 13 yards in the second quarter.

"No, I don't ever (regret it)," McDaniels said. "You can't regret calling those plays. When we practice things during the course of the year and the week, we practice them with the intent of, with all the right intentions. We feel like they have a chance to be successful.

"It's a play that I know we've run multiple times around here before and it has had some good success with it," he continued. "I think that if there's a risk and a reward factor that go into schemes like that, and if you're going to be willing to call them, I think at times you've got to be willing to live with the result when the defensive player makes a good play on them."

McDaniels pointed out two areas where he felt the offense was successful: not turning the ball over ("we really made an emphasis of that"), as well as communicating in the no-huddle in a road stadium.

Quarterback Tom Brady on Tuesday morning said one area where he could improve was "doing a better job of finding" tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was targeted three times on Sunday night. He had two catches for 21 yards.

McDaniels said that Gronkowski's limited production as a receiver was dictated in part by the Ravens' defense, and the fact that Gronkowski played more of a role in pass protection.

"It wasn't that Tom did a poor job of reading the defense or what have you, I think it's a factor of the ball came out quick sometimes, and had some other people were in situations to make plays based on what Baltimore did defensively to us. Our offense will continue to try to get the ball to the guys with whom the defense is making us win one-on-one match-ups," McDaniels said.

"(Gronkowski) is always is going to be a big part of what we do offensively in the passing game. It just so happened that the other night, there ended up being a few other guys who had more chances."