Hall of Fame 'goosebumps' for Kraft

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Patriots owner Robert Kraft summed up his initial reaction to being a Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee with one word: Goosebumps.

Kraft is one of 24 “contributors” in the nominee finalists (link here).

“I always loved football and as a dreamer, you hope as a little kid that you could play in the NFL. I learned early on that wasn’t going to happen,” he said Thursday. “It’s a great honor to be nominated, a wonderful gesture.”

Kraft reflected on presenting Patriots great Andre Tippett as Tippett’s Hall of Fame induction in 2008, and how special it was to be in that environment.

Kraft’s contributions to football have been well documented over the last year, as he played an integral role in the 2011 labor agreement between owners and players. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that alone has Kraft in the Hall of Fame mix.

Asked what he’s most proud about contributing to the game of football, Kraft looked at the big picture.

“I think the people who have come before me have done a great job of setting this game up as America’s premier sports entertainment product,” he said, before focusing on his own club. “I guess what I’m probably happiest about is that anyone who thinks about what the Patriots were before our family took ownership, and what they are today, and how I’ve tried to help at the league level and always tried to put the league first – even ahead of our own team because I thought that was good business for the Patriots.”