Brady talks Spikes, McDaniels on WEEI

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was up early this morning for his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI, and he touched on a number of topics in his interview on the "Dennis & Callahan" show.

Some soundbites:

On the impact that Brandon Spikes has on the defense. "That play that (Brandon) Spikes made to knock the ball out from (C.J.) Spiller, I love being on the team with Brandon Spikes. What he does for our defense, and creating fumbles, and really the hard-hitting presence that he is in the middle of the field. Brandon brings that physical element, and to knock the ball out of Spiller like that, that was really awesome. And that's what he did against Arizona, to knock the fumble off the (running back), but that was one of the best plays that I've ever seen anyone make. He has a nose for the ball, he has a nose for knocking the ball out, and that was a huge play in the game yesterday. For Vince to be on the top of it and to recover it, that was a huge play in the game."

On offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. "I have 100 percent confidence in Josh in what he's calling and what he wants us to do. We've been in a lot of games together. It doesn't always go well in the first half. Sometimes you have to make adjustments. I thought we did a good job adjusting to what they were doing. It's still early in the year, so we really haven't seen the entire playbook of the opposing defenses that we're facing. We played Arizona, for example, and we thought they were going to do one thing, and they really didn't do it, and we had to adjust in the second half. Baltimore the same thing. This game was the same way. We have to continue to find ways to adjust, and hopefully adjust faster, so that we don't blow a whole half, we can certainly execute better in the first half, and I think we certainly executed a lot better in the second half."

On how many second-half plays he changed at the line. "Not many. We can certainly make adjustments out there. But when Josh is in a rhythm, there's really no reason to change them. When he's got it going, I just try to execute what he's calling, and make my reads, and make my throw. A great part is that I don't have to play offensive coordinator, I just have to play quarterback. And he calls the plays. If it's a bad look, then I can certainly get out of it. For the most part, what he sees, we talk about, and that's what I feel confident in, and that's what we go out and do."

On the Bills. "I don't think they (quit). I have a lot of respect for that team. They play hard. They're very well coached. They're good in all phases. I thought we really took advantage of some opportunities we got in the second half that we didn't take advantage of in the first half. In the first half we were very much up and down. We've yet to really play a 60 minute game. We played 30 pretty good minutes yesterday, offensively, defensively, and on special teams. We covered kicks, we ran the ball well, we were efficient in passing game. We got a lot of turnovers on defense.That's the winning formula. That's obviously been lacking the last few weeks, our abilities to take advantage when we get the opportunities from the opposing team. I thought we did a great job of that yesterday."

On running against the Bills' smaller defense. "That's what we have to do. If teams want to leave their nickel groupings on the field, then we have to be able to ... we ran for what, 240 yards? It was a great effort from offensive line that played great yesterday against a defensive front that really improved itself over the offseason. ... Our offensive line really met the challenge. You give those guys all the credit in the world, to create holes for the running backs, who did a great job running the ball, finding the holes, taking care of the football, running with good pad level, breaking tackles, yards after contact. We really got challenged by our coach, who wanted us to run the ball better. We've been running the ball and I thought those guys really answered the call."

On Bills DT Kyle Williams saying the Patriots essentially ran three running plays. "There was probably 8-10 running plays, and then we had play actions off all of those. That touchdown I hit to Gronk up the middle of the field, we've been running that play we we have a counter action, and we pull the backside guard. You get the linebackers to step up, and Gronk slipped behind them. We've been running that play a lot, and for good yardage, giving it to Ridley and Bolden. Then we ran it and we hit Gronk up the middle of the field. That's part of the chess game. They have little guys on the field, so we have to run it, run it, and then play action: 'boom,' there's a big play. That's part of good offensive football, being able to make the adjustments and say these are the runs we want to get to, these are the play actions off the run, and that's how you compliment the entire passing game with the run game."