Belichick has confidence in FG operation

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed field goals of 42 and 49 yards in Sunday's win over the Bills, and couldn't convert a game-winning 42-yard field goal in the final seconds against the Cardinals on Sept. 16, but it doesn't sound as if Bill Belichick views his his job as being in jeopardy.

"Steve, again, had some real good plays yesterday," Belichick said at his Monday news conference. "Again, that's an operation that involves more than one guy. It's not a pitcher taking the ball on the mound, or a golfer teeing the ball up, it's a snap, a hold, a kick, the whole process. So we'll keep working hard at it. I have a lot of confidence in those players -- Danny, Zoltan, Steve."

Belichick was referencing long snapper Danny Aiken, holder Zoltan Mesko and Gostkowski.

"We've made a lot of them. Unfortunately we've missed a few. But we'll keep working at it and try to improve it -- coach it better and execute it better," Belichick said.

Later in the day, on WEEI, Belichick was even stronger in his support of Gostkowski.

Asked if still has confidence in Gostkowski, he said, "Yeah, absolutely, sure. It's the same question we were asking last week about McCourty, and everyone wanted to cut him. Then he comes out and plays well and has two big turnovers. I think Steve is going to make a lot of big kicks for us, and Devin is going to make a lot of big plays for us at cornerback."