McDaniels downplays Broncos reunion

Current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was named the head coach of the Denver Broncos on Jan. 11, 2009, and served in that post for nearly two seasons, totaling a 11-17 record. He'll face his former team this Sunday, but says there are no special feelings entering the contest.

"No, it's just the next game," he told reporters during a Tuesday conference call. "It's an important game for our team. I think there's a lot of times over the course of the season where either a player or coaches on either team have had experience or been a part of another organization or team, and I think that happens rather often, I would say. I think it's a big game for us because it's the next one, trying to build on some of the things that we did well in the last game, and really emphasize trying to play well at home."

The Broncos roster includes a number of offensive players that McDaniels drafted and coached during his tenure with the team, but he says he won't involve himself in scouting the Broncos' offensive personnel unless his assistance is needed.

"I think our staff and Bill are certainly familiar with this team. They played them twice late last year, I think both games were after December 1. I'm sure they did a lot of homework there, and really studied and analyzed those players' strengths and weaknesses," he continued. "If there's anything I can help with, I'm sure I will. But I'm pretty sure and confident that everybody here will do a great job of analyzing the things we need to do in terms of evaluating their personnel."

McDaniels' run in Denver came to an abrupt finish, as he was fired with four games remaining in the 2010 regular season after his team had slipped to 3-9. Despite the sudden ending, the 36-year-old looks back on his time in Denver as a learning experience.

"I think any time you take on another role or another position, there's always a lot of things that you learn. It's hard to pinpoint one thing over another. They gave me a great opportunity," he said. "That's a great organization, it's a great owner. ... You learn a lot of different things on all different levels, because you're involved in so many different aspects of the organization, (as) the head coach, and hopefully all of those different experiences will pay off and make me a better person and coach going forward in the future."