McCourty: Practices build confidence

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty, who had previously missed out on opportunities for interceptions during the 2012 season, says it felt good to secure his first two in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills.

"As a defensive back, it always feels good to come down with interceptions, that's what we work hard [at] and that's really the biggest reward of playing defensive back," he said. "That's big, and defensively, turnovers always help."

But the third-year player says a strong performance one week doesn't lead to increased confidence the next week, and that his confidence is something that needs to be established in practice.

"For us, it's each week we want to try to get better. We work hard in practice to go out there and perform well on Sunday," he told reporters on Wednesday. "I think my confidence will start today with going out and having a good practice and just keep building throughout the week."

He added that talk of a player's confidence can be overrated at times, and he stressed again the importance of a positive week of practice preceding a game.

"Because a lot of things we go into the game [with] are determined in practice. When we have a good week in practice, when we have a good week studying film, you go into those games confident. Just cause you have a great game one week, it doesn't mean you're going to go into that next game feeling like no one can attack you. There's different offenses, you see different guys each week. That week in practice always determines a lot."

McCourty talked more about his preparation for Peyton Manning and Broncos on ESPN's "The Herd with Colin Cowherd." To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.