Jaws: Pats offense might be better than '07

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski likes what he sees from the Patriots' dynamic offense. He likes it so much, in fact, that he thinks it could be an even better unit than the 2007 New England juggernaut that set an NFL record by averaging nearly 37 points per game.

"This is a very dynamic offense right now in New England," Jaws said on Monday's SportsCenter (video above). "We can all look back a few years ago when Tom Brady threw 50 touchdown passes, which was an outstanding offensive team. This may be better because it has every dimension a quarterback could want.

"No. 1, an athletic and strong offensive line. They can run inside, they can run outside, they can throw the ball deep, they can throw it short, they can run the play action passing game. There is a plethora of running backs that they have. They will have a plethora of tight ends when Aaron Hernandez comes back.

"You look at this offense right now. As a defensive player, as a defensive coach, I don't know how you stop it. What do you stop first? You cant say 'We want to stop the run," or 'We want to stop the pass' because they do both so well."

We can all agree that this Patriots offense seems to be hitting on all cylinders after Sunday's 31-21 victory over the Broncos. New England's dynamic no-huddle kept Denver on its heels the entire game. But could this offense really be better than 2007's? Check out their compared statistics below and share your thoughts in the poll above and in the comments section.