McDaniels talks no-huddle

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on Tuesday said he has never worked with Oregon coach Chip Kelly on improving the Patriots' no-huddle offense.

The Boston Globe reported on Tuesday that Kelly had met with Patriots coaches three times over the past two years, and that he "told the Patriots he was moving to a no-huddle that only used one word to signify everything involved in a play."

McDaniels, who spent last season as offensive coordinator for the Rams, rejoined the Patriots during the 2011 playoffs.

"I for one have actually never met Chip," McDaniels said in a conference call Tuesday. "I know Chip was around here maybe once or twice this spring. I never had an opportunity to sit down and speak with him, so I don't really have personally any relationship with Chip."

According to the Globe report, the Patriots attempted to adopt the one-word system in 2011 under offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, and that they now use six one-word play calls in their no-huddle offense.

"I think this isn't something that's brand new for this team, this organization, and certainly not this offense," McDaniels said. "I know we had done it in the past. I know Billy (O'Brien) had done a great job with it in the last few years."

The Patriots ran 83 percent of their first half snaps out of the no-huddle (not including plays that began a drive or quarter, or came after the two-minute warning) on Sunday's win over the Broncos, and ran a season-high 94 plays overall.

"It's something that, if we feel can help us be successful and help us win the game, we usually carry it into that week's game plan," McDaniels said.