Belichick: Seattle's big CBs a challenge

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Passing along some quick-hit soundbites from Bill Belichick's Wednesday afternoon press conference.

On the challenge of facing Seattle's big cornerbacks:

"These guys are long, they're big, they're extremely long, 6-4, 6-2, 6-3 corners, you just don't see those very often. And to see them on one team, they're just hard to get away from. They're big, they're physical, they take up a lot of space. A lot of guys just aren't used to working against that sized player, a 220-pound corner, there's not a lot of them out there. I think that's a challenge, because it's a little bit unique. They're also good tacklers, good run force players. For a quarterback it's hard, because it's no different than playing against a taller middle linebacker, a guy like [Brian] Urlacher or somebody like that in there that's 6-4, 6-5, right in the middle of the field. Their range, their height, it just makes those throws in the middle of the field a little tougher. Well, you're throwing the ball outside on a 6, 6-2, 6-4 corner, it's a little bit different deal getting it over him, or trying to run some high-low combinations out there, it's just a much bigger guy."

On Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson:

"I think he's got pretty good talent. He's athletic, he can definitely move around, avoid the rush. He's got good quickness in the pocket, can run, he's made a lot of good throws, throws down the field. The play action touchdown he hit to Golden Tate in the Green Bay game was a real good throw, big time. It's a West Coast offense, based on three- and five-step drops, get the ball out quick, on time. He does that, he's got a good, quick release, he can definitely do that too. He uses his tight ends, gets the ball to receivers. I think he looks pretty good. I can see why he's their starting quarterback. He played well in the preseason, and he's done a solid job for them. Is it perfect? No, but I think he's got talent."

On what he saw in cornerback Alfonzo Dennard in practice that allowed him to get on the field in Week 5:

"Just that he performed well in practice. He's had some opportunities in the last couple of weeks. He missed some time there earlier in the season. He's had some opportunities in practice on the practice squad and that kind of led to some opportunities on defense on our stuff, and it looked like he showed that he was prepared and knew what to do, and that he was competitive doing it. We sprinkled him in there a little bit at the beginning, and he was able to be competitive, so, an accumulation of things, not one specific thing. Day-by-day, he just got better."

On how to combat the crowd noise in Seattle:

"Just practice against it. We know it's definitely an issue. We know what the numbers are and all that, we've talked about it. It just comes down to being mentally focused and concentrating, being mentally tough. We know it's going to be loud. We can crank up the noise here as loud as you want to crank it up, in the end, Sunday, we're going to have to go out there and we know we're going to have to deal with it. And it's not just offense, it's your punt protection, it's your, on the field goals, it's all those plays. Obviously they do a good job, they've gotten a lot of disruption on that. We've played in a lot of loud stadiums before, but none louder than Seattle. I think they're as loud as anybody. We'll have to do a good job with our communication and just our mental alertness. It's hard, no question, it's hard. Like I said, we've been in a lot of other loud stadiums too, we've just got to deal with it."