Carroll: No one close to Pats on tempo

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Seahawks coach Pete Carroll just conducted the weekly conference call with opposing media, and he touched on a variety of topics. Perhaps most notable were his comments on the Patriots' up-tempo approach.

Carroll can think of only one other team that has matched the Patriots' pace.

"The Oregon Ducks. They're the ones that play similar to this," said Carroll, who has background from game-planning against Oregon from his time as Southern Cal head coach. "I'm sure there are some other college teams that have done it, but there is nobody in the league that is close at this time. But there will be. They will affect other people, I'm sure, because they've had so much success already. It's their willingness to go this fast as consistently as they have demonstrated that separates them from other teams."

Carroll was asked if there was an opponent that has tried to play that way against the Seahawks in Seattle, which is widely viewed as one of the loudest environments in the NFL.

"There is nobody that has tried to play like they play," he answered. "They've taken on a different approach and philosophy that I think singles them out, in their commitment to their tempo. It's cool to watch."

Defending it, on the other hand, is not so cool.

"You have to play really fast, you have to play really fast," Carroll said, repeating himself. "We'll see if we can get lined up and execute like we're capable. They're hoping we don't. You can see that teams they just rushed against -- Buffalo and Denver -- they're not going to give up 200 yards rushing in the next couple of games. They had to deal with New England's tempo and a style that they were not able to play like they normally play."

Asked jokingly if he could "rent" the Oregon Ducks to prepare for Sunday's game, Carroll said the goal will be to practice fast. He was also asked if this was actually a matchup of strength on strength, because the Seahawks' defense is known for playing fast.

"It's the problem of getting everyone where they have to go and doing what the things you have to do. That's the challenge to it," he said. "If we line up, and get our assignments right, and play well technique-wise, we'll have a chance to show you what we're all about. If not, then we'll look like the other teams they're playing and they'll have their way."