Belichick, Carroll & common threads

It's been a long time since Bill Belichick has prepared a unit/team to face a Pete Carroll unit/team (1999, Jets vs. Patriots).

The same is obviously true for Carroll when it comes to preparing to face a Belichick-coached unit/team.

So the following question was posed to both coaches this week: Do you see any common threads, as you prepare for Sunday's game, to what you remember from those matchups in the 1990s?

BELICHICK: "I have a lot of respect for Pete. I think he’s a really good coach. His teams always play hard, they always have a lot of energy. They’re a turnover-driven team, they take the ball away, they just don’t wait for you to drop it; they go in there and aggressively take it away. ... You can see it’s coaching. They emphasize it, they get it and they get a lot of them, they get them in the kicking game. I think Pete does a good job – they’re fast, they’re aggressive, they take the ball away, they’re sound."

CARROLL: "Certainly there’s all kinds of stuff, particularly defensively. They’ve grown and adjusted on offense, but defensively we know that Bill has always been a guy who uses a lot of stuff and will match game-plans to personnel and teams, and has a tremendous reservoir of system that he can go to and we still know that now. One of the things that I’ve always admired about Bill is he gets the most out of guys and using their talents, kind of to the nth degree. With the big guys inside, the big linebackers, the really fast secondary, they’ve got a great group to build from. They’re turning the ball over at a crazy rate right now and getting the ball away from people. All of the stuff he’s done, a lot of two-deep stuff, is what we’ve always seen from him. The system is still there, but it’s his ability to adapt it, to match game-plans and stuff that’s always made him so special and so good."