Video: Countdown Daily's Pats predictions

In the Countdown Daily video above, ESPN analysts Mark Schlereth and Herm Edwards explain why they are picking the Patriots to beat the Seahawks on Sunday.

Schlereth: "I love what (the Patriots) are doing offensively. I love the fact they can give you multiple formations, multiple sets and do so many things out of those formations. Especially with two tight (ends), three tight (ends). The running game has picked up, they've been phenomenal. It really kind of changes who they are philosophically. They've always been this spread offense. All of a sudden they can tight things down formationally and they can punch you in the mouth with that running game."

Edwards: "I think it will be a tough ball game, it'll go down to the fourth quarter. But the problem I see especially with Seattle, they don't have enough firepower on offense. Defensively, that will keep them in the game, and special teams. But the New England Patriots have found a way now to run the football. That will help you on the road. And by the way, they still have Tom Brady in the fourth quarter."