Brady not sharp when protecting leads?

The New England Patriots had the lead late in the fourth quarter before the Seattle Seahawks scored a go-ahead/game-winning touchdown with 1:18 to play.

Including the postseason, it was the seventh time since 2009 the Patriots lost a game in which it held a lead in the final five minutes of regulation, which is tied for third-most in the NFL.

Part of the blame can be directed at Tom Brady, who has not performed well when attempting to hold leads of eight points or fewer over that span.

Among 17 players with at least 10 action plays in the final five minutes of regulation with a one-score lead, only four have a lower Total QBR than Brady since 2009. At the top of the list? Aaron Rodgers (97.4) and Matt Ryan (89.5).

Total QBR can be used to quantify just how important the quarterback position has become to winning in the NFL.

Looking back to previous years, the team with the higher Total QBR has won 86 percent of regular season games since 2008 (as far back as Total QBR goes). That is higher than the comparable mark for teams with the advantage in total yardage, turnover differential, and NFL passer rating.

Complete QBR statistics for all quarterbacks can be found here.