Brady on Sherman, tough loss

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady held his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Dial Global Sports, and thanks to SportsRadioInterviews.com, there is a transcript of Brady's remarks. Audio of the interview can be heard here.

Perhaps most notable was when Brady was asked about Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's post-game comments that the Patriots weren't built for a "heavyweight fight."

“We’re 3-3 so we’ve got 10 games to determine the fate of our season, and really it’s a matter of us getting better. I don’t think anything’s decided here in the sixth week of the year, or how capable you are of winning big games. That’s to be determined in January and it’s only October, so we’re just going to keep trying to get better," Brady said, according to SportsRadioInterviews.com

" … Obviously 3-3 is not where we wanted to be, but that’s where we’re at. And if we’re going to move forward and improve then we’ve got to be determined to do that. And that’s a commitment that each of us players have to make."

As for Sherman, Brady said: "He’s a very good player and I have a lot of respect for that defense and certainly that secondary. They play very well together. My dad taught me at a young age to play with class and respect and give my opponents respect, and certainly I have a lot of respect for the Seahawks."

Brady also shared his thoughts on the team's 24-23 loss to the Seahawks.

"Well it was a long night for all of us players and coaches that were involved," he said, according to SportsRadioInterviews.com. "To be up 13 points there in the fourth quarter and to let one slip away is very frustrating, but we’ve got to learn from our mistakes and learn from the mistakes that we made there in the fourth quarter and try to improve upon them. 3-3 is very mediocre in this league and that’s where we’re at, and we’re really the only people that can do anything about it. That means we all have to go out and execute at a higher level when it matters the most."