Belichick: In-game adjustments big vs. Jets

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick described the New York Jets as a game-plan team earlier this week, which is to say that the schemes they implement on offense, defense and special teams vary from week-to-week based on their opponent.

The Patriots share that approach as a game-plan team, making for an interesting match-up this weekend, as the Patriots and Jets square off in Week 7 play at Gillette Stadium.

Belichick says adjustments from his team within the game will be critical.

"I think that, as it always is with the Jets, the in-game adjustments will be important to see what the match-ups are," Belichick said of facing the Jets' defense. "Not that they're going to give you one thing, but where the emphasis is, and what they're trying to do. And that's true of the Jets offensively as well. They do a good job with their different personnel groups and formations, so a lot of the things that you work on this week that they ran against Indianapolis or Houston or San Francisco, you're not going to see."

"You're going to see something that's based on what they think you're going to do," he continued. "That's an element of the game, and it's the same way in the kicking game too, for that matter. They change up their kickoff coverage, they change up their returns, they change up their punt blocks, and that's part of the preparation problem with the Jets, they give you a variety, and in-game adjustments are going to be important."

While Belichick and his team will have 12 minutes to discuss adjustments at halftime, he says the process of making adjustments will begin early on in the game.

"I'm sure the game will start to unfold after the first series. The first time they have the ball, the first time we have the ball, there will be some elements of the game that we'll say, 'OK, this is going to be more important in this game than it has been in some other games.' I don't have any doubt about that," he added. "Once we've played a quarter of this game, there will probably be a good percentage of what we're going to see the remaining three quarters."

Belichick noted that Jets head coach Rex Ryan does a good job of making adjustments for his own team.

"As one team adjusts, I'm sure the other team will try to counter that, but Rex always does a good job of that," he said. "He does a good job of putting in a couple of new things that complement each other, so you see him do one thing, and then you get that same look again and they have something else off of it, so now they've got two or three things off that that you really haven't' seen or practiced before."

It happens on both sides of the football, Belichick says.

"Same thing offensively, they showing you a formation and then a running play, then a play action pass off that or a reverse or something like that. A new wildcat look, or a new Tebow formation look that you haven't seen," he continued. "They've done that every game and then a couple of different, three or four different plays off that that you see them run, then there's another complementary one that's coming that you haven't seen."