Brady on the win, need for improvement

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said on Monday morning that he was happy with his team's Week 7 overtime win over the New York Jets, but noted that there is plenty of room for improvement.

"I'm certainly pleased by winning. I think that's the most important thing," he told the "Dennis & Callahan" show on WEEI sports radio in Boston (listen here). "Whether you win by a point or 10 points or 30 points, they all count the same. And we've been on the losing end of a one-point, a one-point, and a two-point game, and it feels good to win a three-point game.

"There was a moment there in the fourth quarter where it looked like we had a good lead and then soon after we're fighting for our life with a three-point lead, and then a three-point deficit, and we turn around and win it in overtime. I'm proud of the way the guys fought. Certainly we can do a lot of things better, and hopefully we do, but it's nice to win."

For the second consecutive week, Brady and his offense failed to close a game in which they carried a lead late into the fourth quarter. The late-game futility in closing out games stands in contrast to the ease with which the Patriots scored points earlier in the season. When asked what has changed, Brady noted that moving the ball up and down the field is not as simple as flipping a switch.

"We're trying to do it. It's not like you flip a switch, I don't think that's it," he continued. "There are 53 guys that are trying to do their best, we're just not doing our best. Hopefully we get to that point. That's part of why we practice and go to work every day, but I wish it were that easy. And maybe there are times when it has looked that easy, but I think you appreciate it when it does work, and you realize the preparation that you put into it that pays off. Maybe we just spoiled some people in the meantime, cause it's hard to win man, it's hard to win."

After the game on Sunday, Brady stated that it was "tough to say" what his offense's identity is, but said this morning that developing an identity is important.

"I think certainly yes," he said. "But I think it's established over 16 weeks. I don't think it's really something that once you have your identity you're going to start winning every single game. Things change week-to-week. Guys have been out, guys have been in, schemes have changed, game-plans have changed. We're trying to do what's best to win the game, that's what most important. One week it may be to run the ball outside a little bit more, one week it's run the ball inside a little bit more. One week it's more two back runs, one week it's more inside routes, one week it's outside routes. It's just a matter of the opponent you're playing and where you think you need to get the ball to."

Brady was asked if altering the offensive game plan and approach week-to-week is at all a reason why the offense's execution has not been consistent for 60 minutes.

"Partly, but I think it's a matter of us executing better," he replied. "After the game there's nothing special about it, you've got to make the plays. That's what it comes down to, it's not whether you choose to call a certain play or call a certain run, it's just a matter of doing your job. And I think we all have to do a better job, that's what it comes down to. There's game that we've done it, there's games that we've played really well for half, 45 minutes, 55 minutes. There are games where we haven't. The good thing is we're going to get back to work today and see if we can do a better job next week."

Brady views the win as a learning experience.

"We're only in it for one thing, and it's to be the one team at the end of the year that's happy about how the year went," Brady said. "But that's a long ways from now, and we've got a long time to get better and work hard and try to learn from our mistakes. I'm glad when you win you can learn from mistakes too, because there are plenty of mistakes to learn from."

Click HERE to listen to the interview on WEEI.