Hernandez: Have to focus within

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden was known for not scouting his opponents. The key, he preached, was to perfect the execution of his own team's game plan.

In his gathering with reporters on Thursday, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez seemed to reflect a similar mindset.

"We have enough players, enough athletes, enough dominant players to win every game," Hernandez said. "I feel like with the team we have, as long as we do our job, and play Patriot football, we'll be fine.

"We just have to go play our game, and not hurt ourselves, and we should be fine."

The Patriots' offense has the ability to line up several top-shelf NFL players -- Hernandez, tight end Rob Gronkowski, and receiver Wes Welker included -- and react to opposing defenses on the fly. That's part of what makes New England the NFL's top offense by points and total yardage.

"We have a good quarterback [Tom Brady] and a lot of good players," Hernandez said. "You can get the ball out to a lot of different players. As long as some of them come to play, you're going to have a lot of yards."

Seemingly only worried about maximizing the potential of the Patriots offense, Hernandez didn't have an exhaustive scouting report to offer about the Rams on Wednesday.

"Another NFL team," he said. "They're good. They have a lot of players. They have a Florida player on there. Just excited for another game of football."

The Patriots will either head into their bye week with some momentum (a 5-3 record), or be right back at .500 with a 4-4 record.

"It's never good going in with a loss, especially with the coach [Bill Belichick] we have," Hernandez said of the upcoming bye week. "But I'm sure it will be fine. As long as we follow the game plan, work hard and play Patriot football, we should be fine."