Patriots hold walkthrough in public park

LONDON -- The Patriots held a Friday walkthrough in a most unusual place -- a public park.

Bill Belichick led the way, as players walked out of their London hotel, across the street, and into Hyde Park. The session, with most players dressed in gray sweatsuits and some wearing winter caps, lasted for about an hour and those passing by stopped to watch.

Hyde Park, as explained here, is one of London's finest landscapes covering 350 acres.

“I’m walking through and see a lot of guys in gray suits and I kind of think it has something to do with American football. So I have a look and it’s quite clear," said be Mike Simpson-Jones, 40, from Buckinghamshire. "It was just interesting to see some of the moves and how it’s almost like being on stage and they’re walking through their moves."

Simpson-Jones was one of about 25-50 people who stopped to watch the walkthrough. One reason Belichick might have felt comfortable with holding the session in the public park is that most of those who watched had little knowledge of what they were seeing.

"I didn't have a clue who any of the people were,” Simpson-Jones said.