Fanene shows up on NFL radar

Former Patriots defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene, who was released prior to the season under the failure to report a physical condition clause, worked out for the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday, a league source confirmed.

The workout comes on the heels of a recent workout with the Titans, as was reported by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Fanene signed a lucrative three-year deal with the Patriots as a free agent this past offseason, but a knee issue sidelined him for much of training camp. He was ultimately released under the new clause (instituted prior to this season), and questions have arisen as to whether or not the team would attempt to retrieve Fanene's signing bonus.

The total value of Fanene's bonus was $3.85 million, which, if recovered, would be re-credited to the team's salary cap. Of that $3.85 million, $1.35 million was deferred until March 31, 2013, which would mean the team would be looking at $2.5 million if it attempts to retrieve the bonus that has already been paid out.

Because the failure to report a physical condition is a new rule this season, there is no precedent in terms of a team retrieving money from the player. Contract situations of this nature can grow complicated, and it's possible that the book is not yet closed between Fanene and the team.