Bruschi sees secondary as 'error repeaters'

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, now an ESPN analyst, was on ESPN Radio on Thursday to discuss the Patriots’ biggest issue at the bye week. Here’s the podcast (the relevant discussion starts at about the 5-minute mark):

“You see the (Patriots) offense being OK,” Bruschi says. “The biggest question is going to be the defense and especially the defensive secondary. And that was a huge victory for the New England Patriots to get that win over in London and enjoy the bye week now.

“But let me tell you what drives coach Belichick crazy. What drives him crazy is when you are an error repeater. When you make one mistake, and then you go into a week of practice and you try to fix things, and then you go out there the next week and you do the exact same thing. And that’s what happened.

“Compare the deep ball that cost them the game in Seattle and the deep ball early in the game vs. the St. Louis Rams. Did you see any similarities to that play? It was pretty much the exact same play. The safety made the same technical error and the result was the same for another big play against the Patriots.

“And that’s my biggest concern. Usually, with a Bill Belichick-coached defense, you get a problem, go back to the film room, go to the walkthrough, go to practice, rep it out throughout the week and usually the problem is fixed. But to have that problem re-emerge in the exact same way is a problem where it’s probably not coaching. Now I think it’s the players not accepting the coaching or not understanding the coaching. And that’s the biggest problem right now with the Patriots, especially the defensive secondary.”