Bruschi's Breakdown on Pats-Bills

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Every week before the Patriots play a game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss dissect the action as part of "Bruschi's Breakdown." This week's breakdown is posted and Bruschi, who picked the Bills in the Sept. 30 matchup against the Patriots, sees things differently this time.

"The Patriots came back with a fury and ended up destroying them that day. It reminded me on who the Buffalo Bills are. They have splashes and I knew that splash and explosion of big points was possible, but they just couldn’t maintain it," Bruschi writes. "They also couldn’t contain it last year against the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. I think that speaks to their lack of depth. It’s either when they have injuries or start rotating guys in there, they are just not as good as that first unit. That’s really who the Bills are, and now they’re struggling, with the Patriots putting some early distance between them."

Bruschi also envisions the Patriots paying extra attention to defensive end Mario Williams, who played well last week against the Texans.

"Mario Williams gets all the attention, and I see the Patriots saying, 'Let’s not allow this sleeping giant to wake up with us.' You still have to account for him in different ways protection-wise," Bruschi writes. "But from the Patriots perspective, you look at the run game. It was so blatant last time, with Brandon Bolden and Stevan Ridley each going over 100 yards, and also big production in the passing game, it was almost like they could pick what they wanted to do against these guys. I think the one thing that will remain consistent against this team is that you have to bring back that running game."

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