Tedy Bruschi chat recap

Every day after the Patriots play a game, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi has a chat on ESPNBoston.com. Today's chat kicked off at 11 a.m., can be recapped here, and included some of the following topics:

1. This is your Patriots defense; just have to accept their weaknesses and strengths.

2. Looking ahead to Sunday's Patriots vs. Colts game -- a rivalry renewed even without Peyton Manning.

3. How might cornerback Aqib Talib help the Patriots?

4. Biggest concern from Sunday -- busted coverages in the red zone.

5. Thoughts on Brandon Spikes, Ryan Fitzpatrick and "punk.:

6. Tom Brady's emotional fire.

7. Poor tackling -- an exception or something in which to be concerned?

8. Any hope for the Bills?