Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi is now posted on ESPNBoston.com, and the following is an outline of the discussion:


A new culture with the Indianapolis Colts.

Head coach Chuck Pagano an inspiration to his team.

Impressive rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

Colts vs. Patriots rivalry gets a spark.

Level of concern with Patriots’ defense.


What type of offense will Patriots see?

Reggie Wayne -- used differently, but as solid as ever.

Expectations for Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib.

Dwight Freeney -- it's been a tough year for him.

Darius Butler -- former Patriots could be starting at corner.

Adam Vinatieri still getting the job done.


@BrayneSoopreme – Can you talk about your time with Rodney Harrison and how Harrison handled the type of stuff that Brandon Spikes is dealing with now?

@MrTICgamer – What do you think is the main issue with the pass rush?

@pchicola – Why do the Patriots’ maintain such a basic scheme on defense – no zone blitzes or complex coverages? Always Cover-2 man, zone or Cover-1.

@AntonChigurh – The linebackers look slow and lost in pass coverage; fair to say it’s an issue to watch going forward?

@SimbaDibinga – Why when offenses struggle for 3 quarters but make plays to win they are clutch, but when defenses do the same, they are no good?

@ArjunaRamgopal – Serious problems with tackling for Patriots’ defense or bye-week rust?