Spikes: No hard feelings with Fitzpatrick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick called New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes a “punk” after Sunday’s game, upset at what he felt was Spikes crossing the line.

To Spikes, there are no hard feelings.

“Not at all,” he said Thursday, when asked if it hurt to hear himself being called a punk. “Everybody has their opinion, and they can think what they want. I’m just doing my job.”

Spikes was penalized for roughing Fitzpatrick in the second half, a play in which Fitzpatrick lost his helmet. Spikes said that he hasn’t heard from the NFL about a possible fine, although he seemed resigned to the fact that one is coming.

On the play, Fitzpatrick lowers his head forward as Spikes was closing on him, so it’s possible the league might spare Spikes a fine.

“I thought the same thing,” Spikes said of the play. “It kind of takes a little bit of my aggression away, but hey, I have to do business as business being done. So it is what it is. It’s definitely discouraging though. That’s how I play, I’m physical.”

Some view Spikes in a Rodney Harrison-type way in the sense that teammates love to have him on their side, while opponents are sometimes enraged by him.

“I’m a passionate player, I love what I do,” Spikes said, when presented that comparison. “I get a kick out of it. I go to bed thinking about ball, I wake up thinking about ball, so you can see it when I’m playing. My teammates love when I go out and play for them every snap.”