Belichick on Talib's progress

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- So far, so good for the Patriots when it comes to cornerback Aqib Talib.

"I think he’s coming along," coach Bill Belichick said Friday. "I think we’ll find out today when it all comes together; review day. We segment things along the way and then Friday is more a pull it all together. So, we’ll see how it goes today."

Talib has yet to officially be placed on the active 53-man roster as the Patriots have been granted a roster exemption through Monday. If the Patriots plan to play Talib against the Colts on Sunday, which is the expectation, they'd have to clear room on the roster.

Belichick said he's spent some time with Talib this week, but in situations like these, position coaches like Josh Boyer (cornerbacks) and Matt Patricia (defensive coordinator) and Scott O'Brien (special teams) have spent more time.

Talib has played mostly on the defensive left side, which is the spot that rookie Alfonzo Dennard has played in recent weeks. Belichick was asked if there are any specific things he looks for in a left cornerback vs. a right cornerback.

"No, some guys flip easily, some guys don’t. I think there are things that, some guys they don’t care what side they play on. Sometimes in college, they play field and boundary so they get used to that; sometimes they don’t," he said.

"Footwork is obviously different from one side to the other, same thing with the receivers. Some guys flip, some guys don’t. Some guys it bothers, some guys don’t have any problem with it. I don’t think we can set our boundaries on that, to a degree. We have to take it how it comes and see how adaptable they are or aren’t."