Links around Web on Gronk, Pats

A sampling of links around the Web on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's injury and the Patriots:

1. Patriots all over "Monday Morning Quarterback". In his widely read "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece on SI.com, Peter King opines on Gronkowski's injury, wondering about Bill Belichick's approach of leaving top players in the game when the outcome is essentially decided. But in this case, King has no problem with Gronkowski being on the field for the extra point. King also rates the Patriots as his top team, praises right tackle Sebastian Vollmer, and gives Julian Edelman one of his special teams awards.

2. Should Gronkowski have been in the game? The New York Times' "Fifth Down" blog also looks closer at Gronkowski's injury, the decision to have him in the game at that point, and information dissemination.

3. Patriots a cut above Colts. Also in the New York Times, Judy Battista focuses on how the Patriots were a step ahead of the Colts and rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

4. Nothing about karma here. CBSSports.com blogger Will Brinson opines on Gronkowski's injury and says there is nothing about karma in play. "It's football and people get hurt. It happens and you move on."

5. Brady, Patriots still the boss. Mike Freeman, the NFL national columnist for CBSSports.com, writes on the Patriots showing the Colts how it's done. The piece includes thoughts on cornerback Aqib Talib: "He's good enough to take away an offense's main receiving weapon and frightening enough with his return skills to keep an entire opposing staff awake at night. No, he's not Deion Sanders, but he is what Nnamdi Asomugha was supposed to be in Philadelphia, and that's pretty damn good."

6. Patriots can survive injury. In his popular "Around the League" blog on NFL.com, Gregg Rosenthal opines that the Patriots will be OK without Gronkowski. "We're not sure the injury makes that big a difference in the scheme of things. The Patriots have more offensive depth than any team in football."

7. No Luck needed for Patriots. In USA Today, Mike Garafolo paints the picture of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck attempting to tackle Alfonzo Dennard on an 87-yard interception return for a touchdown, noting that the Patriots knocked the Colts down a peg.