Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's ESPNBoston.com Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi is now posted (listen HERE), and one the final questions asked was "white meat or dark meat?"

Yes, this is a Thanksgiving week edition of the podcast, so while there was plenty of football covered, it also had some holiday flavor. The following is an outline of the discussion:


1. Overview of the AFC top contenders -- Texans/Ravens/Patriots/Broncos.

2. Rob Gronkowski injury -- where do the Patriots go from here?

3. Thoughts on Aqib Talib's Patriots debut.


1. Jets playing for their season.

2. Some positive signs from Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

3. Muhammad Wilkerson showing up on Jets defense.

4. Always have to keep Tim Tebow factor in mind.


1. @RNA_man -- Will the arrival of Aqib Talib, who can presumably play man, allow the MLBs to blitz more rather than drop back?

2. @manisingh365 -- Why are most of the analysts taking about Peyton Manning as a better MVP candidate than Tom Brady?

3. @RicoSox -- Were you ever injured on special teams?

4. @plumcrazydodge -- Based on Sunday's game, what do you think our biggest improvement on D has been & why?

5. @PatriotsExtra -- With the addition of Talib and moving McCourty to S, have we seen the last of Chung on the Patriots?

6. @mtd10mm -- If you are Rex, what do you do now to slow down the Pats offense w/ Gronk sidelined?

7. @CrockerEllen -- Tedy, what's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Happy holiday to you and your family.