Sound from sideline: Belichick & McDaniels

Two follow-ups from last Sunday's win over the Colts:

1. Belichick mic'd up by NFL Films. We know how much Belichick respects NFL Films, and he wore a microphone for them during the game. A Sound Fx piece is now posted on NFL.com, and it shows how involved Belichick is with the defense. Interesting to hear him talk about how the Colts were attacking the Patriots in the ground game (defensive right side) and the adjustments made to stop it. Always an interesting perspective from the sideline.

2. McDaniels-Edelman exchange. A neat exchange on the sideline between offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and receiver/returner Julian Edelman was captured on this week's Patriots All-Access program (it's in the opening segment of the show). McDaniels tells Edelman that there are only a select few players who had a return for a touchdown, a reception for a touchdown, and a rush for a touchdown in a game. Edelman came up a few yards short on his one rush, and while he showed some initial disappointment when McDaniels told him about it, he then said it's all good as long as the team wins.