Quick-hit thoughts from the third quarter

Entering the final quarter of play in their Thanksgiving showdown, the Patriots lead the Jets 35-12. Passing along some notes and observations from the third quarter.

1. Edelman banged up. Receiver Julian Edelman was on the receiving end of a big hit from safety Laron Landry after taking the football on an end around. Although not an illegal play, Edelman was hit on the head and was slow to get up. He eventually left the field under his own power, but the team has announced that he is questionable to return with a head injury. He left the field to head to the locker room shortly after the injury was suffered.

2. Defense makes stand. The Jets inched towards the end zone for their first touchdown of the evening mid-way through the quarter, but the Patriots defense came up with a huge goal line stop to keep the lead at 32 points. Linebacker Brandon Spikes (unsurprisingly) was a factor in stuffing the Jets on consecutive runs on third and fourth down. The Patriots defense has been far better tonight than it was against the Jets in Week 7.

3. Safety ensues. Though the Patriots were able to prevent the Jets from entering the end zone, a subsequent chop block by running back Stevan Ridley in the end zone resulted in a safety. Ridley went low on a blitzing linebacker that had already been engaged by tight end Michael Hoomanawanui, causing the official in the end zone to throw his flag.

4. Still no Shiancoe. In a surprising move, tight end Visanthe Shiancoe has not been used on offense tonight. Given that the team is of course without tight end Rob Gronkowski, we figured Shiancoe would be more heavily involved in the game plan. Instead, it has been tight end Daniel Fells filling Gronkowski's role.

5. Penalty box. The following Patriots were flagged for penalties in the third quarter: running back Stevan Ridley (chop block), linebacker Brandon Spikes (encroachment, holding).