Belichick: Players deserve the credit

Passing along some quick-hits from Bill Belichick's post game press conference following his team's 49-19 victory over the New York Jets on Thursday night.

On preparing during a short week. "I thought our players really deserve a lot of credit on this one, turning it around so quickly. Coming off of last week's game and then the preparation we had this week was just really, I thought outstanding by the players. They were very attentive in our meetings, our walkthroughs, films, even the walkthrough we had this morning. That was some of the best sessions we had all year and time was really short, they really put a lot into it. I think it showed up out there today. That's an awesome job by the players. ... I'm proud of the team, I'm proud of the way they responded after the Indianapolis game. Like I said, it was a short week, it was a tough week, but they really dug down and brought their best in terms of concentration and effort in the classroom, the walkthroughs and all that.

On whether he has experienced a 21-point surge like the Patriots had in just 52 seconds on Thursday night. "Well, unfortunately I was on the other end of that in the Pro Bowl a couple years ago when it was 42-0 in the middle of the second quarter on the same kind of plays: touchdowns, interception returns, fumble returns and all that. Look, it doesn't take a lot to score, score a lot of points quickly, turnovers and defensive returns, special teams returns. It can add up in a hurry both ways, getting ahead or also coming back. Nothing surprises me in the NFL. That's why it's a great game."

On the status of Julian Edelman's head injury. "We'll see."

On the play of nose tackle Vince Wilfork. "Vince has been a solid player for us all year again, both in the running game and the passing game. Very unselfish. We play him in different positions, usually where we feel like he can -- maybe is the most needed, not necessarily where it's going to feature him or give him a great opportunity to make plays. A lot of times it's to eat up blockers or try to disrupt plays. He's an explosive guy that's got very good football instincts, he knows where the ball is, he knows what they're trying to do. He's really responded to a lot of the challenges and different positions that we put him in. Like I said, he's done it very unselfishly and has been very productive. And he's given us great leadership too all year. He's given us great leadership. He and Jerod [Mayo] and Devin [McCourty] on defense have really, those three guys have really been outstanding."

On whether right tackle Sebastian Vollmer's absence tonight was related more to a precautionary measure or a long-term injury. "We'll see. He wasn't able to play today, so we'll see how that goes going forward. Take it day-by-day."