McDonald's journey draws notice

Patriots offensive lineman Nick McDonald has been called upon to play multiple positions this season, working as both a guard and an extra lineman on the end of the line of scrimmage in short-yardage situations. He lined up at both tackle and center during training camp, and must be ready to be called upon to play any of those positions on a moment's notice.

It's a tough task, as was becoming an NFL player out of Division II Grand Valley State in Michigan. But McDonald has overcome long odds before in his life, as he and his three siblings were left to take care of themselves after their father left them shortly following the passing of McDonald's mother when McDonald was just 14.

In a feature piece that aired on NBC's "Today Show," (link HERE) McDonald's journey to becoming a Super Bowl champion (he was a backup on Green Bay's Super Bowl XLV team) is chronicled. It tells the story of McDonald being adopted by his high school girlfriend's family, and how his late mother is never far from his mind.

The video provides an inside look into a player who is starting to make a name for himself in New England.